Gold Swirls


Long time… no post. I know. 😦

Items Used:
Base: Nailtek – Foundation II
Color: Revlon-Gray Suede
Stamping:Essie -good as gold
Plate: Born Pretty BPL-027]
Born Pretty Scraper
Seche Vite – Gel Effect Top Coat
Clear Stamper from Clear Jelly Stamper

Gold Swirl over nude base

Neon Nubbins

Nail Art, Stamping

I got tired of all the peeling, breaking, and nonsense so I filed them all down. Since it has been snowing here on the East Coast, in the middle of April I might add, I did something loud and screaming summer. Ta-dah.

Items Used:
Born Pretty plate – BP-L002
Stamping – China Glaze – Liquid Leather
Born Pretty Black Stamper
Born Pretty scraper
NYC Strip me off – clean up
Orly – French Tips as initial layer
China Glaze – Celtic Sun
Seche Vite Top Coat


Long Live the NUBBINS


Neon Nubbins

Tribal Triangles

Geometric, Nail Art

I decided to take some of my inspiration from my last nail art wheel and try it out on my nails. I also filmed a tutorial for this look and will hopefully have that up on YouTube this week. I am going to apologize for my video camera ahead of time because I am trying to get something that will shoot HD, so my current camera will have to do until then. I really like this look it is edgy and simple. I also got to use my NYC Strip Me Off so I didn’t have to use a ton of acetone for clean up.

Items Used:
Color Club – Almost Famous
Maybeline – Bold Gold (dots)
Sally Hansen – Hot Tamale
Black Acrylic Paint
Small Detail Brush
Dotting Tool

Tribal Triangles

Tribal Triangles

Tribal Triangles

Tribal Triangles

Funky French Friday – #FFF@TNC

French, Gel Polish, Nail Art

I’ll admit this isn’t funky, Peres, but it is a French pedicure. This is the best French I’ve done, mainly because I used gel polish and it was a lot easier to work with to make the smile lines. This lasted for 3 weeks chip free – loved it.

Products Used:
Gelish – Foundation
Finger Paints – Pink Glaze
Finger Paints – Principles of Art
Gelish – I’ll Make it Fit
Gelish – Top coat

Gel Pedicure - French with Glitter

Gel Pedicure – French with Glitter

Random Nails

Flowers, Gradient, Nail Art, Random

I don’t have a theme for this one but I love it. Yes, that is a sad banana – I saved that one for last thinking it would be the easiest (yeah – not so much). I love the cup of coffee… in fact gonna go make some. I really got to experiment with some gradients (which I swear are a pain in the a$$ for me). I also got to use my matte top coat which I haven’t really had an occasion to use on my nails. On to the next one!

Nail Art Wheel

Random Nail Art Wheel

Supa Inspired <3 <3

Cartoon Character, Fauna, Gradient, Nail Art

I LOVE Supa Nails… she is one of my favorite places to go for inspiration. I had wanted to try some of her designs and when I got my nail art wheels decided to give it a shot. Due to time, I didn’t do a whole wheel so I photographed the ones I did and made an image “mini” wheel. I think that she uses soak off gels for her designs, which are really vibrant, solid colors. Two of the nails that were painted, I didn’t include in this round because it was difficult to photograph them for some reason. :/ I used acrylic paint for these designs.

Nail Art

Supa Nails inspired Nails

DIY Cuticle Oil

Product Reviews

I refuse to buy this stuff pre-made. I went to a local health food store and found the oils I wanted to use and combined them in an old cuticle oil bottle I had from a previous purchase. My recipe is:
1 capsule Omega oil
3 drops tea tree oil
Olive oil (fill to half the bottle)
Grapeseed oil (fill to 1/4 of bottle)
Apricot Kernal Oil (fill the remaining 1/4 of bottle)

I use this stuff when I need quick hydration and can’t do an actual soak. If you want to try to make your own – take a look on YouTube, there are tons of recipes. This recipe isn’t as thick as some I have seen so I may add a little castor oil next time.

DIY Cuticle Oil

DIY Cuticle Oil