I’ll keep it brief – I am a huge nail art enthusiast and I have dabbled with it for a couple of years under a previous blog.  I re-posted a lot of my earlier work here – a “best of” sorta thing.  I wanted to start over with my blog and my art work, so I came up with The Nail Closet.

For the first time in my LIFE – I have a pretty large closet.  My shoe shelves hold some shoes – but mostly polish.  I’d like to expand the shoe portion some day, but first things first (like gainful employment). I have a small desk (yes, a desk) –  it is kinda a closet/office/boudoir… thing.  You can see it in the below video.

Inside The Nail Closet from The Nail Closet on Vimeo.

I live on the east coast (moved here for college) but was born in Texas.  I have two dogs – one Boxer, one Newfie and am a huge animal lover.  I cry when I watch those SPCA commercials…  every, single, time.  Sigh.

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