Nailtrition Review: Orly Nail Treatment

Product Reviews


Nailtrition by Orly

I purchased this product about four months ago after seeing it at Sally’s Beauty Supply. It is a daily application for one week, then remove and repeat. After week two, wait a week and re-apply. This product did offer some added protection and strength and didn’t seem to make any existing issues (peeling) worse. I didn’t really see a huge difference in my nails in terms of strength or length, but it does look nice if worn alone. I prefer to not use it as a base coat due to the way it lays, as I like to use ridge filling base coats. I have seen reviews of people using Nailtrition as a base coat with no problem, so it is up to the person. It is the Big three free and contains collagen, wheat protein, keratin and bamboo extract. I don’t believe the hype about vitamins being able to soak into the nail plate from nail varnish but I can appreciate the idea that I would feel better about using this product on bare nails than some others on the market. All in all, I think it is a decent product but I didn’t get stronger and longer nails from two months of use.


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