Dermanail Review: Nail Conditioner for peeling nails

Product Reviews

I had a page on my last blog about my nail issue and certain nail treatments I have tried, but I felt like doing some specific posts about treatments that had good results would be helpful to those with the same issue. I have peeling nails – in the winter it is worse, but in the summer they do well. I am pretty sure that I have tried nearly every brand of nail remedy, but this one is worth mentioning for peeling nail sufferers. I found Dermanail via a fellow blogger, Loodie Loodie Loodie. If you haven’t been to her blog – GO NOW. She’s a cosmetic chemist (I think I have botched that title somehow) and explains what’s in the stuff and what it does.


DermaNail by Summers Laboratories

Dermanail is a nail conditioner and is a soak in product. It works similar to Ecrinal (will do a separate review of the Ecrinal). I used a brush that I had in my Bundle Monster brush set; brushed the product on the entire nail two times a day. In addition, I amped up the moisture routine and they began to get pretty solid and no peeling. I bought mine on Amazon and purchased a pretty thick cuticle cream from the same company (again a Loodie Loodie Loodie referral) called Cutemol. The stuff is pretty thick and it does wonders for cuticles. It doesn’t smell good – no frills or thrills but it DOES moisturize and for east coast winters – it is a must. I’m almost out of my Cutemol and will no doubt buy another tube. The tube of Cutemol and the bottle of Dermanail have lasted a long time. I got both last year (I believe last fall) and I still have 3/4 of a bottle of Dermanail and 1/4 of a tube of the Cutemol.

I don’t have any before and after photos (sorry) but I can say that following the package instructions with consistent use will improve your nails if they peel. Moisture really is key though and for me, that is usually a warm olive oil soak for ten minutes each day (or every other) and Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream here and there. Hope it helps anyone else who struggles with this and let me know if you try it and get good results.


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